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Beleran was a major city on the south east tip of the crescent shaped island. It served as a major port for trade and served as the holy center of the small continent. The city itself is split in two by the Green river. The larger portion of the city lies on the western bank and houses most of the residents, craftsman, academies, and military installations. The east side houses the church of Pelor, the barracks of the Rampant Unicorns to the South East, the barracks of the Hell Hounds to the South, and the wealthier citizens to the North East. To the north lies the barracks of the Fighting Griffons, and the Flying Foxes are partial to the Lonely Tower on the North side of town, the better to see the battle and city from. The Scorpion Tails stay in the coliseum on the east side of the river as well. Near the mouth of the River lie the habitats of the lizardmen.

Beleran was established thousands of years ago by the youngest prince of Hamor, Jun-Gal. He had taken the oaths of the holy men of Pelor and vowed to build a monument to his holy name. The cathedral he built was said to have been so large giants could walk four abreast, so beautiful men wept in its presence, so tall that it grazed the sun as it passed through the sky. Like all things in this world however, it did not last. The first coming of Halkek-Nor, seven hundred years after its founding, saw the cathedral razed to the ground. Halkek-Nor had been a student at the cathedral and knew all its secrets thus leaving the cathedral exposed to his evil. His gathered horde of undead welled up from below killing all in their path and destroying the very symbol of hope in the region. Halkek-Nor swept across the continent destroying all in his path. So quick was his march across the continent that city after city fell without warning. Eventually word did get ahead of the impending destruction. All living armies left in the realm met near the city-state of Umoja. The two armies clashed for three full days. Finally the great and noble hero Ser Tavaris Hardy struck a mortal blow to the undead leader. After this instant the horde of death became mindless and uncoordinated. Within hours the battle ground was free of the evil that once threatened the land. Halkek-Nor was thought dead, though his body was never recovered. Centuries passed and the city that had sprung up around the great cathedral has grown again. The ruins of the great cathedral were torn down and a much more modest structure took its place so that pride may never again lead to the cities downfall. A lasting peace gripped the land and the living grew to inhabit the continent once again.

A thousand years later, three explorers were searching near Umoja for ancient relics from the long past battle. They discovered a small underground passage that led deep into the ground. They found bones and ancient broken trinkets urging them to search farther. Soon curiosity gave way to a feverishness to know what lay at the bottom. They began to speed up their explorations. Caution was thrown to the still air and signs of defilement ignored. Finally, the end came. A single sarcafagous lay at the bottom showing a dagger through a skull, the symbol of the house of Nor. Could it be? The lost body of Halkek-Nor? Or perhaps a treasure trove? Without more thought or sense the the case was cracked. Halkek-Nor lay in there smiling the smile of fleshless lips. Suddenly, two skeletal hands reached out and took hold of two living throats. The energy of life soon vanished from their eyes and grew in each socket of the born again lich. The third compatriot fled for his life and made it all the way to the exit before looking back. There was nothing. Only the empty blackness that had first greeted them. As he turned forward, the field in front of him shook. The ground cracked and tore and masses of bones and great beacons of unholy power spewed forth. A chill filled his body, but more than fear. Then he felt it, the call, the incessant call that beckoned his life force. Now he felt the calciated appendages and lightly touched his back. He saw the darkness fill his visions. He saw his comrades inside, and they were screaming.

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