Hell Hound Regiment


The Hell Hound regiment is one of the most celebrated and decorated in the Kings Army. Known for following the Plains Knight Ser Marz in his destruction of the Lich Yulnec-Pok. The Hell Hound regiment is responsible for all close combat fighting in the army. Made mostly of fighters, paladins, and monks they are the first line of defense on the wall. The Hell Hounds are led by General Dago Bondsman. The Hell Hounds believe that one man is only as strong as the unit and each member carries a shield and protects the men next to him. Acceptance into this group is hard won in battle with courage shown towards protecting others around you. “Ever Onward!”

Enlistment in this elite group will net you several perks:
A masterwork weapon of your choice.
A masterwork shield of your choice.


Hell Hound Regiment

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