Council of Liches


The Council of Liches was created by Halkek-Nor to help him keep dominion over the vast continent of Kreth. There are eleven known members. Most were powerful spell casters and clerics in life and continue to wield their foul magic in death. Only one council member has ever been truly destroyed. Yulnek-Pok was killed by the great Horselord Marz of the Plains.
The many years of the council’s existence has led to much information being gathered about the respective members. There is a strict hierarchy and each lich leads their own personal army.

1. Halkek-Nor “The Faceless One” – Known for being the source of all the undead, Halkek-Nor has not been seen in hundreds of years. Some theorize that the magic keeping him reanimated finally gave out. Others that he was killed by one of the other members of the council. The prudent still hold that he is merely biding his time and waiting for the opportunity to destroy Beleran in one great stroke.
p. When Halkek-Nor was still walking the world of the light he was the leader of a great host of undead made up of every horror imaginable. His command of Magic was known to rival the greatest of spell casters both living and dead.



Council of Liches

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