TimmyK was born to the Tribe of the Forest in the rule of Harssassan. Born under the star sign of Justicer Hector, TimmyK gained a disposition of against authority and towards independence. The beauty of his mother was well known throughout the tribe and drew the eye of Harssassan. Due to the different customs of Lizardmen, TimmyK is known for having two fathers; his rearing father and his blood father. The day of TimmyK’s birth was also the day of the death of Harssassan. Some believe that TimmyK may be his reincarnation and that Harssassan’s power has passed to him.
p. His rearing father served as one of the lead huntsmen of the tribe. When TimmyK came of age the techniques and practices of the father were passed to the son. TimmyK also discovered that he could sense when evil was about.
p. As TimmyK grew into manhood, he apprenticed to a shaman of the tribe to begin to learn the ways of tribal leadership. It was not long however, before TimmyK could sense the evil inside of his new patron. Before long TimmyK started to feel weaker and less full of life. Soon TimmyK could barely leave his bed for weakness. When his the shaman came calling at his house TimmyK confronted him. He accused him of creating this illness that had taken him. The Shaman merely laughed and said,“Well of course I did, I need your life for my own!” As luck would have it, his rearing father had returned from the hunt early and caught the Shaman in the middle of his dark ritual. He killed the Shaman and exposed him for a transformed demon. This created quite the stir all throughout the city. Many believed that the lizardmen themselves had summoned the demon for nefarious purposes. TimmyK never lost the love of his tribe and parents though. Soon the rumors waned and TimmyK moved on with his life.
p. As an adult he rejoined the hunters wanting nothing to do with shamans and noble lizardman blood. He began to mingle more with the other races of the city and visisted different sectors more frequently. He picked up the language of the people and learned to weild a different kind of power. With this arcane power he never again needed to fear the magic of shamans.


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