Cighas Denari

High Priest of the church of Pelor


Name: Cighas Denari
Title: High Preist of the Clerical Order of Pelor.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 68
Cighas is the leader of the church of Pelor, the largest church in the city. In this role he leads the clerics in the defense of the city and oversees the many duties that the clerical order is responsible for in the city such as running hospitals, creating healing and other potions, and enchanting items to fight against the many threats to the city. Cighas also sits upon the Kings council of Nine in a permanent position reserved for his station. Cighas is known as a great caster of clerical magics and has proved himself in many battles in the past. Now his health is declining with age and many seek to become the new high priest. Cighas has always been known as a kind loving man with love for all the races. He has many friends in the order and amongst the mages.
-Cighas seeks to make a deal with the liches to stave off death.
-He is a kind man whose position and status is coveted which leads to these evil rumors.
-Hates the Gnomes.
-Walks the city at night to secretly check up on other clerics.
-Singlehandedly defeated a lich on the field of battle.


Cighas Denari

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